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About this site

This site is fun based update status for your twitter account. In this site you can create your own custom device to update status, such as via twitter for BlackBerry, via twitter for Public Telephone, via Hosting, via Dedicated Server, via Loan collector, via Lawyers Car, via Car Insurance office, via Mortgage Agent, via Mesothelioma Hospital, via Life Insurance, via Apple iPad, etc.

You can find on this main page that there's been already list that statusvia's made, if you want to create your own device, just go to member area and you can find the user generated custom devices there.

Enjoy your stay. keep fun :p


OK, here I'll just put some example from this site's application
you can even mimic twitter for BlackBerry using this site aplication :D

you can see that i can even update using nokia 3310? hehehe. fun enough? :p

The website you are referring to is in Bahasa Indonesia. It doesn't actually update your twitter status from a Nokia 3310, it just changes the "published via (your device here)". The other options are non branded chinese cellphones, borrowed cellphone, public telephone, etc. The programmer is from Indonesia, and half of devices is in Indonesian language (you can use Google Translate to ..uhm.. well.. translate it!). Actually, it quite funny if you have many Indonesian friend.. well geeky type of funny :-D